Thursday, June 5, 2008

Paid $4.40 and earned $29 ECB!!

It gets a little confusing when I do more than one transaction, but I did pretty well this time. I plan to go back and finish the diaper deal, and they have a deal on toilet paper and paper towels.

Transaction #1
2 - Pampers Wipes ($2.99 each)
1 - Pack of Pampers ($6 - on sale, did not count toward deal)
1 - Listerine Mouth Wash ($3.49)
-2/$0.25 coupon for wipes
-$1.50 for diapers
-$1 coupon mouth wash
-$5/$15 coupon
-$7 ECB
TOTAL $0.47

Transaction #2
2 - Chex Mix ($1 each)
2 - Dawn Dish Soap ($1 each)
1 - Fusion Razor ($9.99)
1 - Oral B Toothbrushes
-2/$0.20 coupon for Dawn
-$4 coupon for razor
-$1 coupon for toothbrushes
-2/$1 coupons for Chex Mix
-$5 off $15
-$7 ECB
TOTAL - $2.87

Transaction #3
1 - Pampers ($7.99)
1 - Listerine Mouth Wash
1 - Oral B Toothbrush
2 - CVS Bandaids
-$1.50 coupon diapers
-$1 coupon toothbrushes
-$1 coupon for mouth wash
-$10 ECB
TOTAL $0.95

Don't forget to check out The "Cent"sible Sawyer and Money Saving Mom for more great CVS deals!!


Candace @ A Garden of Blessings said...

Great job shopping. I'm very impressed.
Thanks for letting me know what you use in your homeschool!

OnlyOnSale said...

wow! you did great this week :)

Luanne said...

Thank you for writing out the exact transactions you did. That is so helpful to someone like me(couponing not my best thing)
Are these deals all for the month of June or just last week?

Jen said...

Luanne, these are mix of the weekly deals and monthly deals.

Christie said...

WOW!! I wish we had a CVS around here. Good job!!

I saw in your profile that you homeschool....we're just starting this year with our oldest.

Have a great day!!