Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yard Sale Day!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! We had a great Memorial Day service yesterday at one of our supporting churches in Virginia. The pastor preached a good sermon that thanked our soldiers for there service and sacrifice, and also, reminded us of the One Who paid the greatest sacrifice by dying for our sins - Jesus Christ. It was a really good church service, it was also nice seeing those friends again. After the service they had an ice cream social, I have a video of Cody eating ice cream. I hope to post it soon!

Every Memorial Day we have a big family yard sale. Today was the big day! It wasn't as busy as last year (I think the gas prices has made everyone stay home!), but I spent the day with family, have a lot less junk in my house, and even made a little over $100!

Cody greatly enjoyed being passed around. By the way, how many people does it take to put sunscreen on a baby? I counted no less than 5!
Autumn decided she wanted to do a lemonade stand. I thought this was great, because it would take her mind off her toys that were being sold. My dad invested in her business and purchased the lemonade, cups, and ice. My Aunt Jo and James made this lemonade stand for her! Then all she had to do was sit there, look cute, and sell lemonade. She made almost $12!!
We're all tired and sunburnt, but it was a great day!

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Dear Abbi said...

Cute lemonade stand, great pics, and I totally can relate to sun-blocking a baby...I detest that job!