Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some New News

Just wanted to give a quick update...
  • We made it home safely. We went to a PepBoys in North Carolina, and they said it was so bad they wouldn't touch the car! So, with a lot of prayers, we made it home safely. Patrick is trying to fix it now. We will need 4 new tires and an alignment, but I'm thankful we're home safe and sound!
  • While we were waiting for PepBoys to fix our car, we went next door to a restuarant called Tripps. It was a nice place. Autumn said it was fancy because they had real napkins! I thought this was neat even though our car didn't get fixed, we were able to eat at a nice place for our anniversary!
  • Shortly after we had the flat tire, a pastor called us to tell us they voted to take us on for support. So...we are at 90%!!!! Its so good to be in the 90s now! We need just 5-7 more church or individual supporters!


Tara said...

My father always told us growing up that the safest place to be was in God's will.. and that God had called our family into missions..that He would bless us... He always did. Reading your post reminded me of countless times that God blessed us..from broken down cars to losing our brakes driving down the mountains in the having a Cobra in our car... God always took care of us.. 90% support is wonderful.. I am so happy for you.. Thank you for being an encouragement and reminding me how Great God is.. even in the small things:)

A Dusty Frame said...

wow 90%!! What a blessing.