Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Home

Here is my home. God has provided us with a little cabin in the woods! I just love how the slideshow makes everything sparkle. We had company this weekend, so I decided to do my spring cleaning before they came. (See I did clean for you, Laura!) The only room not pictured is my 5 year old's, and there's good reason!

As a side note, the flowers are from my 16 year old brother (thanks, Jason!), he went out and picked them for me!


Ellen said...

Your house is beautiful! We love cabins. To answer your question check out my blog again. Hi Patrick! Nice toy. PS. What is the purpose of the word verification?

Ellen said...

I'm not joining facebook, sorry.

Ellen said...

Me again, I can't find the helps you were telling me about on Biblical womanhood. After I get to her page what do I click on next to get to making your home a haven?