Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway!

I am still very new to blogging, but apparently in the blog world they have a quarterly bloggy giveaway where hundreds, yes, hundreds, of people give items away on their blogs! From tote bags to target gift cards to aprons to DVD's. Go here to check out all the great giveaways. Oh...and you don't necessarily have to have a blog to enter most of them! Have fun!


Becky said...

HI Jen!
Thanks for entering my giveaway.
I thought it might be fun!
I look forward to checking out your blog more when I have time!

Dawn said...

I was looking for one of these site. Thanks!

Em said...

Hi Jen!
Thanks for entering my giveaway also!! It was for the 25$ in pampered chef. This was my first one, but I'm having a lot of fun sifting through the comments. Oh, and believe me, I'm not a great cook either. There is something about how easy pampered chef makes it!! The products basically sell themselves. If you really are interested you should contact me! Thanks again!!