Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Anti-Procrastination Day (Week?)!

Making Your Home a Haven Monday...
Today, has been declared anti-procrastination day over here. Will you join us? Here are some things I've been procrastinating on...
  • Type addresses for our CT mailing (DONE!)
  • Type addresses for RI mailing
  • Typing addresses for boomerangs
  • Stamp 75 envelopes for boomerangs
  • Update Jason's Report card for 3rd quarter (DONE!)
  • Update Jeff's Report card for 3rd quarter (DONE!)
  • Catch up on Autumn's Schoolwork
  • Put Away Laundry (Always a hard one for me!)
  • Get groceries (DONE!)
  • Wash all towels and floor mats (DONE!)
  • Laundry! Laundry! Laundry! (DONE!)
  • Work on Missions Book for church (DONE!)
  • Schedule dentist appointment for Patrick and myself :( (DONE)
  • Clean out fridge (DONE!)
  • Wash all bedding (DONE!)

You may not understand what some of that means or is for, but I do! This is what I could think of off hand. As I get things done today (this week?!) I'll come back here and update. Its amazing how much you get accomplished when you make a list and how great it feels to check something of the list!

Its also amazing how everytime I mark one thing done, I add another!

Leave a comment and let me know what you're getting done today, or not getting done!

Well, its past mid-night, and I got most of my list done! Hopefully I can finish the other few things tomorrow. All the laundry is folded in my hamper, I just have to put it away. And as for Autumn's schoolwork, well...tomorrow's another day! Hope you had a productive day, too! Remember don't put off tomorrow, what you can do today!


Ellen said...

Great idea's, Thanks for the tips.

Dawn said...

Great idea, but I couldn't join you today if I wanted to. My day is over...I'm about to go to bed. I will have to put it off for another day. :0

jd said...

Congrats you totally won the GIVE AWAY!!! I emailed you too:)

Dear Abbi said...

I love crossing things off of my list, too!

BTW, I think I forgot to answer one of your questions...

I met Dawn and Ellen through a blog (I think Joy S...whom I have met in person!). And it turns out that we are all from the same state and that Ellen and I had come into contact during high school, though we never met. Weird, but neat!

Also, the Lehigh Valley is comprised of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, and we are outside of Allentown. So if you are ever in our area, let me know!