Thursday, April 17, 2008

Anti-Procrastination Day (Week?) continued...

UPDATED...Its 2:45 and I'm all done with my list!! We're off to the park!

I accomplished so much on Monday, that Tuesday and Wednesday I did nothing! Not on purpose, mind you. My husband was home, which tends to mess up my schedule! We did get things done, but not anything on my list. Therefore I redid my list and plan to post it for accountability. Click here and here for others joining in the anti-procrastination week! In the meantime, here is my list...
  • Clean room (straighten up, make bed, vacuum) (DONE!)
  • Living Room (straighten up, vacuum) (DONE!)
  • Dishes (DONE!)
  • Finish putting away laundry (yes, from Monday's list!) (DONE!)
  • Box up stuff for yard sale (DONE!)
  • Stain boomerangs (DONE!)
  • Help Autumn clean her room (DONE!)
  • Get stuff in car for Josh's party on Saturday (DONE!)
  • Get Mail (DONE!)
  • Clean Bathroom (DONE!)
  • Help Autumn make a shirt (DONE!)
  • Call Pastor W for Patrick (DONE!)

Although the things listed are not things I've been procrastinating on (except for the boomerangs), there are things I need to get done today. I'll post some pics, too.

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