Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Day at Home

Today we're spending the day at home, hubby is working a double shift and Cody has a cold.
Cody gave us quite a scare last night. He woke up around 3am gasping for air, Patrick and I both rushed to his bed, I picked Cody up, and could tell he was really stuffy. He was trying to breath through his nose and couldn't catch his breath! What a scare! He's has a little cold and is sleeping a lot, which I am thankful, hopefully I can get some things done today. Its been awhile since I have had a entire day to spend at home.
Anyway, here are some photos we took yesterday. I was trying to get a nice one of me and the kids, but this is the best I could get...
What can I say she takes after her daddy!

This is one of my favorites...


Barbie Wilson said...

Hi, Jen! Welcome to the blogger world. It's fun, isn't it?!!
I hope Cody will get over his cold quickly. Autumn seems to have a good personality. Hope you have a great day!

Dawn said...

Kids sure have a way of scaring their parents, don't they?! Glad he is okay and hopefully will be feeling better soon. Cute picture of you and the kids. Autumn looks to be quite a character. :)

RYC: We are 5 hours ahead of PA...not too bad for making phone calls home.